Piusi Transfer Pumps - 12V, 24V, 240V

Piusi offers a wide range of electric pumps specifically designed for fuel transfer. Our range includes self-priming, CE-certified AC pumps (120/230 V) and DC pumps (12/24 V) DC. Compact and easy to handle, they offer long service life and excellent value for money. Our pumps can be supplied with a wide range of accessories that make them quick and easy to install on any plant. The range of models for diesel fuel consists chiefly of vane pumps, which ensure high flow rates and operating cycles of up to 30 minutes. They are all self-priming and equipped with a ByPass valve to avoid over-pressurisation .

The range of pumps for oil includes gear pumps (Viscomat gear), capable of transferring dense fluids at high pressures without damaging the motor. The Visco-Flowmat is a particularly acclaimed model, which switches the pump on and off automatically.

Piusi also manufactures membrane pumps for AdBlue and water. The pump is made with materials that are compatible with aggressive liquids, such as urea and screen-wash. For applications where no power supply is available, Piusi offers hand-operated rotary or piston pumps that can be installed directly on drums.

PIUSI 12V DC BiPump - 85lpm

SKU: F00363A0A

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PIUSI 12V DC Panther 56 Pump - 56lpm

SKU: F0034000B

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PIUSI 240V AC CUBE Pump - 90lpm, comprising 90/44 Pump

SKU: F00592000

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PIUSI 24V DC BiPump - 85lpm and 4m Cable

SKU: F0036304A

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PIUSI 240V AC Panther 56 Pump - 56lpm

SKU: F00730000

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PIUSI BP3000 12V DC Battery Pump Kit - 50lpm

SKU: F0022500C

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PIUSI 240V AC Panther 72 Pump - 72lpm

SKU: 000732000

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PIUSI BiPump 12V DC Pump - 85lpm with 4m Cable

SKU: F0036302A

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PIUSI AdBlue® HAND Pump with DN50 Male BSP Thread, 2.5m delivery hose, stainless steel spout, 38L per 100 revolutions

SKU: F00332A50

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