Piusi Filters

Modern diesel engines need fuel that is as free as possible from impurities and water: PIUSI pumps can be equipped with mechanical filters to protect the pump itself from coarse impurities, and external filters to remove any finer impurities or water that may be present in the fuel. When liquids are transferred, they sometimes need to be thoroughly filtered: our range of filters and filtering systems for oil and diesel provides the ideal solution.

Filtering systems capture impurities, so that the oil or diesel fuel dispensed is free from any foreign bodies that might compromise the correct operation of the machines that use the fuel or oil. 

PIUSI Fuel Filter - 10um DN25 (1”) Particulate 70lpm

SKU: F0777200A

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PIUSI Replacement Filter Element 60lpm- 10um Particulate

SKU: F00611000

PIUSI 3D AdBlue® Filter - 34lpm comprising Housing and Filter Element

SKU: F00611D00

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PIUSI 3D AdBlue® Filter - Replacement Element

SKU: F00611D10

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