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Piusi Flow Meters

Flow meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed, and professionals need precise, reliable, robust instruments.

Piusi's response to these requirements is a comprehensive range of digital and mechanical flow meters, some of which stand out for their light weight and precision, and others for their strength and reliability. Piusi flow meters can be used for the widest imaginable range of applications, including for diesel, oil and foodstuffs.

Our range of flow meters also includes models designed for the most demanding situations: for example, we have high flow-rate flow meters and pulser flow meters which read the flow rate of the liquid and display the results on remote screens. This solution is particularly useful on trucks and earthmoving machinery, for example.

PIUSI K600/4 40 Pulse Meter

SKU: 000473000

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PIUSI K24 AdBlue® PULSE Meter - 40lpm

SKU: F0040721B

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PIUSI AdBlue® Pulse Meter - Remote Display with pulse output

SKU: F0049503B

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PIUSI K24A METER M/F 1” BSP ATEX/IECEX - Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene - Litre

SKU: F00408X00

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PIUSI K700 50 Pulse Meter

SKU: F0049800A

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PIUSI K400 Pulse Meter - 15mm

SKU: F00440200

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PIUSI K900 80 Pulse meter

SKU: F0049902B

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PIUSI K700M Flow Meter

SKU: F00540000

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