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PIUSI OCIO Gauge GSM Expansion Module

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PIUSI OCIO Gauge GSM Expansion Module

The Piusi Ocio GSM is a monitoring system designed for remote tank level monitoring. It is compatible with the Piusi Ocio fuel tank gauge and enables users to monitor the current tank level or receive notifications for high/low level conditions via SMS or email.

The system consists of a transmitter with a GSM modem that can be connected to a single Ocio fuel tank gauge or up to 8 Ocio gauges if the necessary expander packs are purchased. This allows users to monitor multiple tanks simultaneously.

To activate the Ocio GSM system, a GSM SIM card is required. It is recommended to use a SIM card with a tariff plan. The system can store up to 10 mobile phone numbers in its built-in phonebook, allowing users to send notifications to multiple recipients.

The Ocio GSM system is particularly useful for remote monitoring of tank contents. It allows users to send tank level information directly to fuel providers or technicians responsible for filling or emptying the tanks. This helps streamline operations and ensures timely actions can be taken based on the tank level information received.

Overall, the Piusi Ocio GSM system provides a convenient and efficient solution for remote tank level monitoring, enabling users to stay informed about tank levels and take appropriate actions as needed.


  • Instant tank level reading.
  • Two alarms (minimum and maximum level) which send messages to one or more enabled telephone numbers or an e-mail address.
  • Regular tank level readings sent at pre-set intervals to predefined telephone numbers or an e-mail address.
  • Designed to work exclusively with Ocio tank contents gauges.
  • Automatically alerts the set number of a min or max level.
  • Instant Tank Reading in mm.
  • Can be sent at pre-determined times or on demand.

Piusi Ocio GSM utilizes a transmitter with a GSM modem connected to an OCIO level indicator. This setup allows for remote level monitoring in various situations without the need for physical presence. The system is capable of sending alarm messages directly to the supplier or plant maintenance technician responsible for tasks such as tank filling or emptying and used fluid disposal.

By connecting the GSM box or individual expansions to the level indicators of each tank, the system can monitor up to 8 tanks simultaneously. The GSM modem enables communication through the GSM network, facilitating the transmission of data and alarm messages to the designated recipients.

This type of system offers several benefits, including time-saving and guaranteed readings in all situations. It eliminates the need for manual monitoring and provides real-time information on tank levels. This ensures that appropriate actions can be taken promptly, such as arranging for tank refills or addressing potential issues with fluid disposal.

Overall, the system combines level monitoring technology with remote communication capabilities, enabling efficient and convenient monitoring and management of multiple tanks from a remote location.

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    PIUSI OCIO Gauge GSM Expansion Module

    $2,348.00 AUD

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