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PIUSI Self Service Management 2018 - USB

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PIUSI Fluids Self Service Management 2018 

The new Self Service Management 2018 interface answers once more to the needs you've always had. But better. More intuitive, and more flexible. What PIUSI offers you is the possibility of continuing to work with the Self Service Management 1.0 range, but giving you more potential and more efficiency. 


High-performance instruments featuring:

  • Local memory 
  • PC interface for data management 
  • Multiuser control panel for user identification 
  • Dispensing operation storage 
  • Dispensing quantity preselection 
  • Consumption monitoring


Software - Site:

In the 'Site' section you can enter every parameter useful for identifying your devices. Conveniently enter the name of the device through a free field, the serial number of your fuel dispenser and select the family of devices it belongs to. 

  • Detailed icons that illustrate your devices so they can be recognised at first glance.
  • Complete overview of your installed devices. 
  • Unique code to identify the newly configured device.
  • Coloured bands that describe and advise of the state of activity of the devices. 


SSM 2018 Options

Self Service Management 2018 is available with a single licence type and can be purchaed in two ways: 

  • The kit with USB key allows the software to be used with the key connected to the PC. 
  • The kit with web download allows the software to be downloaded from the portal. 

Get on with your job every day more accurately, conveniently and safely with the fuel dispensers and control panels of the 1.0 range. 


Minimum System Requirements 

  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor (2 GHz or faster). 
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Database: Microsoft SQL 2019 CUI6 Express (included in the installation)


Software - Report:

 The new interface demonstrates its new edge in the 'Report' section: an extremely convenient dialogue window allows you to set the parameters that interest you and read reports in the order you prefer. 

  • Pop-up parameter selection window.
  • Calendar for slecting the period of interest. 
  • Full-screen, clear, detailed graphics. 
  • Ability to export data to .pdf, .xlsx or .txt.


Software - Settings: 

From the 'Settings' section you can configure the characteristics of your software to better meet your requirements. In additio to standards settings such as language, units of measurements and system preferences, here you can also enter the site owner details and define the data backup methods. 

But above all you can choose the connection type through which Self Service Management 2018 will dialogue with your devices. 

  • Clear, simple icons, to make everything more intuative. 
  • Overview of functions of the menu options.
  • Selection of the global connection between software and devices. 

With Self Service Management 2018, not only do you not waste time, naturally you don't lose even a single data item from before the new software is installed either. 

Self Service Management 2018 gives you the possibility of transferring your old data conveniently and quickly and combining it with the new data. You can also export the data from your dispensing operations automatically, just by activating the function. 

Select and lod the data generated by your previous Self Service Management to the new software

  • Enable or disable automatic export of dispensing operations to .csv file. 
  • Select your preferred path for saving the files. 


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      PIUSI Self Service Management 2018 - USB

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