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PIUSI AdBlueⓇ IBC Pump Kit - Three25 240V AC 34lpm

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PIUSI AdBlueⓇ IBC Pump Kit - Three25 240V AC 34lpm


PIUSI Three25 is the most famous AdBlue® dispenser worldwide for IBC tanks. It comes with the SuzzaraBlue pump, the SB325_X automatic nozzle, and the 3D filter.

The Piusi Three25 DEF Dispenser System for IBC Tanks was created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency. The Piusi Three25 administers a 32.5% urea solution that is protected by our DEF 3D filter which prevents the contamination of your DEF and in turn allows for an increased life of the catalyst. The Piusi Three25 features a complete, turnkey system that gives users the ability to safely dispense their DEF and UREA fluids.

Comprising of:

Stainless steel base with bunded nozzle holder, pump, 3D Filter, K24 Meter, SB325 Auto Nozzle, 6m Crimped Delivery Hose, External Suction Hose. 


1. Diesel Exhaust Fluid 3D Filter: The main cause of fluid contamination occurs during the filling and transferring process. The DEF 3D filter prevents the possible contamination and in turn allows for an extended life of the catalyst by using a highly efficient mechanical filtration composed of incremental technopolymer specifically developed for the DEF 3D Filter. **We recommend changing the filter once a year**

2. Sturdy, stainless steel, plate with roll bar protection: The corrosion resistant, stainless steel frame ensures optimal durability, even in the harshest operating conditions. Additionally, the robust roll bar offers accidental impact protection.

3. SEC connector for plastic couplings  or new Piusi DEF Coupler (PDC) for common IBC tank steel coupling systems: The new PDC connector allows quick and safe connection to IBC tanks equipped with stainless steel couplings or the classic SEC connector for plastic couplings. Additionally, an external suction coupling can be supplied upon request. 

4. New security lock bracket system: This new safety feature secures the dispenser to the IBC frame and prevents accidental detachment of the quick connect mechanical security lock.

5. High Capacity Hose Holder and Practical Nozzle Holder: A large and sturdy hose holder allows the hose to be securely rolled back into place. The practical nozzle holder assures optimal protection of the nozzle. The system also includes a washable drip cup that can be removed for easy cleaning.

6. Crimped EPDM delivery hose: The dispensing system is supplied with a 6 meter (20ft) delivery hose and a 1.5 meter (5 ft) suction hose. The hoses come pre-fitted with crimped stainless steel couplings.

7. New SB325/SB325-meter automatic nozzle with break-away system and stainless steel spout: The Piusi Three25 is equipped with the new SB325 automatic nozzle that features an innovative casing, break away system, and is stainless steal spout. The new nozzle is designed to be reliable, ergonomic and flexible that protects against weathering and UV radiation. The nozzle is also available with a built in electronic turbine flow meter. 

Safety is guaranteed by the break away system. In the event that a vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the tank, the spout is designed to detach from the nozzle. This system also allows for a quick and low cost repair by merely fitting a new spout onto the nozzle

annotated ADBLUE IBC PUMP kit

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    PIUSI AdBlueⓇ IBC Pump Kit - Three25 240V AC 34lpm

    $2,274.00 AUD

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