PIUSI FMS MCO 2.0 GPV Remote 30lpm

PIUSI FMS MCO 2.0 GPV Remote 30lpm

PIUSI FMS MCO 2.0  GPV Remote 30lpm   The whole world is connected. Now your garage business is too.    Over the years we’ve changed the way we make phone calls, read the news or watch TV> Today, all you...

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PIUSI FMS MCO 2.0  GPV Remote 30lpm


The whole world is connected. Now your garage business is too. 
Over the years we’ve changed the way we make phone calls, read the news or watch TV> Today, all you need is a smartphone to take photographs an check your bank balance in real time. Everywhere it has changed the way people communicate, manage and organise information. 
And in your workshop?
Are you ready to evolve?
One of the key points of PIUSI’s success is our ability to offer rugged, reliable and easy-to-use tools and equipment. IN fact, it’s a feature of our organisation.
With MCO 2.0 we went the extra mile to further improve our garage equipment range by combining all our products in a single system to allow them to intercommunicate freely. Each device, dispenser, or flow meter communicates its status to the entire network. 
This allows you to create smoother and more efficient workflow, led by software and devices of new generation. It’s a real revolution capable of bringing a massive innovation injection in your garage. 
Welcome, Let us introduce you to the new MCO 2.0.
Connected to your Garage Network

The MCO 2.0 system networks fluid dispensing flows to allow optimal monitoring, while simultaneously offering a comprehensive set of tools and opportunities for the management and organisation of each work process. 

A fully-fledged enterprise resource planning system. Flexible, simple and intuitive. Developed on the basis of your demands, by people daily involve din garage actives seeking for practical solutions. 
Piusi MCO 2.0 arises from the need to organise your work within your workshop. Starting right from your desk. 
From your office work station MCO 2.0 Software allows you to enter, display and manage work orders for the entire garage, checking stats of completion and deadlines. Thanks to the weekly agenda function, all it takes is a glance. 
MCO 2.0 is a server based system. This means that different people and multiple terminals can manage the organisation, while remaining constantly synchronised. 
Already got a DMS to manage your work orders? No problem: MCO 2.0 will interface easily with your legacy application and remain synchronised with the data so you can continue to exploit the functions of both applications. 
Each process can be linked to photos and notes to ensure no details are left out. 
Thanks to static and mobile Control Units 2.0, you’ll have the updated list of pending jobs and their state of completion readily to hand at any time. 
You can choose which work order to start, which process to perform and which jobs to complete. Thanks to the new GPV 2.0 and the new Easyview nozzle you can check the quantity of fluid you’re dispensing in real time. The system automatically records all completed operations. 
Piusi Dongle 2.0 allows you to keep the progress of the entire garage constantly under control. 
Connecti PIUSI Dongle 2.0 to a normal monitor for constant display of data from all the devices in the MCO 2.0 system. In real time and with absolute clarity. You can also monitor the progress of the work agenda checking completed orders and pending consignments. Pick up on any late tasks immediately. 
You always know everything, because each device is connected and all information is recorded and shared over the network. 
You’ll always have a complete overview of the situation direct from your PC, where any problems are flagged and displayed instantly. Using the reports function you can check the entire actives log in seconds: a legacy of valuable data that’s always safe thanks to the automatic backup system. 
The heart of the system is the PC software. Packed with features, the software was created to ensure the upmost ease of use and to improve your daily workflow. Try it and see. 
The first step involves identifying all the elements in your plant. No problem! With a simple click the MCO 2.0 will scan the local network to look for installed devices, displaying them and enabling communication. 
Work Order
Each day’s workload shown on a single page. Check everything that needs to be done, add new processes and operations, filter to display only the information of interest without wasting a single second. Because it’s all at your fingertips. 
Switch to agenda view to get a weekly and daily overview. How’s the work organised on a specific vehicle? When can you return it to the customer? Which mechanic is available? Easy questions to answer with MCO 2.0.
Master Data 
The garage customers database is extremely clear and easy to consult. Create an intuitive list of your staff, so you can always keep track of who handled which job. 
This helps you achieve optimal management of your daily workload. 
Define the work areas in your garage. Each hose reel can be assigned to one or more work areas and to a specific tank. So you can get the job done more efficiently. 
Want to avoid running out of fluid? The tanks section allows you to monitor the available fluid levels, consumption quantities and fluids to be reordered, which highlighting any anomalies. There are no surprises when you use MCO 2.0
Retaining all your data is of little use if you miss the right tools to analyse them rapidly and highlight any anomalous situations fast. MCO 2.0 software will amaze you with its incredible flexibility and easy of use. 
PIUSI Dongle 2.0 is a remote Wi-Fi device that allows simple connection to a normal monitor or TV in order to show all current garage actives in real time. 
WO List
The various possibilities of PIUSI Dongle 2.0 allow you to select whether to display the dispensing operation, work orders and tasks for the day, or the ongoing operation. 
The MCO 2.0 system supports multiple PIUSI Donle 2.0 devices. You can use a large size monitor to display work tasks in a central area at your premises, with smaller monitors installed in each work area to keep track of dispensing operations. 
Easy view is a more practical and more intelligent nozzle. 
The large size display shows the dispensing data transmitted on a wireless connection (zigbee) from the associated GPV 2.0 
This means the nozzle no longer needs an internal flow meter, resulting in a significant weight reduction and less risk of damage. 
Software MCO 2.0
The MCO 2.0 application is available in different versions to match individual requirements. in addition, you can choose to receive the software on a USB memory stick or WEB version. Contact your PIUSI dealer for personalised professional advice for your business. 
Device MCO 2.0
Choose the MCO 2.0 devices that are most suited to the needs of your garage. A series of complementary products and accessories which make each installation able to integrate perfectly into your work reality. 
Code Description Tank Fluid
F00774200-CATA FMS PIUIS MCO 2.0 Software Client Web Download ALL Lubricants
F00774210-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Software Business Entry Web Download 1-30 GPV'S ALL Lubricants
F00774220-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Software Business Suite Web Download 31+ GPV'S ALL Lubricants
F00779010-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Nozzle Easyview Rigid DN15 30lpm ALL Lubricants
F00779000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Nozzle Easview Flexible DN15 30lpm ALL Lubricants
F00776000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Control Unit ALL  Lubricants
F00776010-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Control Unit Mobile ALL Lubricants
F20112000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Control Unit Adjustable Support ALL Lubricants
F00776020-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Dongle TV ALL Lubricants
F00446000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 GPV 30lpm ALL Lubricants
F00446020-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 GPV Remote 30lpm ALL Lubricants
F00446030-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 GPV Windscreen 30lpm ALL

Coolant Windscreen

F00446010-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 GPV Bi Valve, 2 x stage shut off, 30lpm ALL Lubricants
F00755210-CATA GAUGE PIUSI 2.0 240V OCIO WIFI F00755210 ALL Coolant Windscreen
F12262010-CATA FMS PIUSI 2.0 Kit Key Reader Unit ALL ALL
R15904000-CATA FMS PIUSI User Keys Yellow Packet of 10 ALL ALL
F20089000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Barcode Reader USB ALL ALL
F20086000-CATA FMS PIUSI MCO 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard ALL ALL


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