Refuelling Nozzles

Piusi Refuelling and Dispensing Nozzles

To complete the equipment of dispensers, Piusi offers a wide range of manual and automatic nozzles for refuelling. The manual nozzles stand out for their high efficiency and ease of use.  They are made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic, to cover a vast range of requirements. Our automatic nozzles are equipped with a device that shuts off delivery when the tank is full. Robust and equipped with a swivel coupling, they comply with the most stringent safety standards. Piusi's ongoing commitment to research has led to the creation of its automatic nozzles for Urea/AdBlue®. What makes them totally innovative is that they are made entirely of materials that are compatible with AdBlue®. Piusi also offers an AdBlue® nozzle with built-in electronic flow meter.

AdBlue® MIS-FILLING Device - Used with Elaflex ZVA Nozzles

SKU: F15165000

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PIUSI Auto Diesel A120 Nozzle - 120lpm c.w Swivel

SKU: F00610020

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PIUSI Manual Diesel Nozzle

SKU: F0065000A

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PIUSI Manual Nozzle ULP

SKU: 00065001A

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PIUSI Automatic Nozzle - ULP

SKU: F00613020

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PIUSI Manual AdBlue® Nozzle - 40lpm

SKU: F14761000

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PIUSI SB325 Automatic AdBlue® NOZZLE - 34lpm

SKU: F00617000

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PIUSI ST Wall Mount Pump Kit Range

SKU: 000397000


PIUSI A280 Diesel Automatic Nozzle

SKU: F13249000

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