Piusi Dispensers

From the evolution of the first dispensing units consisting simply of a pump and flow meter, Piusi has developed a new generation of fuel dispensers.

The diesel dispensers can be installed directly on tanks, against walls or on the ground with the aid of a pedestal.

Various models are available according to equipment: fuel dispensers with mechanical or electronic flow meters.

The most advanced models are also equipped with an electronic control board. This makes it possible to restrict the dispensing of fuel exclusively to holders of the necessary credentials. All dispensing cycles, furthermore, can be transferred to and managed by a PC using an appropriate programme.

PIUSI AdBlueⓇ IBC Gravity Kit

SKU: F15517000

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PIUSI AdBlueⓇ IBC Pump Kit 240V AC - 34lpm

SKU: F00201B2B

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PIUSI FMS 240V AC 70lpm Cube - 70 MC 50 Users, Suction Filter, Pump, 4m Delivery Hose, Auto Nozzle

SKU: F0059400C

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PIUSI ST Wall Mount Pump Kit Range

SKU: 000397000


PIUSI EX50 12V DC Pump Kit - 50lpm, comprising Pump, Auto Nozzle, Telescopic Suction Tube, 4m Delivery Hose, K33 Meter

SKU: F0037501A

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PIUSI AdBlueⓇ AC Drum Kit 240V

SKU: F0020135E

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PIUSI PITSTOP DC 24Volt - Diesel

SKU: F00213000

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PIUSI E140 Diesel Transfer Pump 140lpm

SKU: F00395050


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PIUSI FMS CUBE 70 MC DC 12V with Software, 50 Users

SKU: F0059413C

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